Gerald Hühner: Schreiben ohne Grenzen. German-Hungarian Projects. Budapest 2005 (ISBN 9632185684): SchreibenOhneGrenzen

Publication projects with pupils; the example here is “Jugend schreibt (youth writes)” with the FAZ, a report on a female schoolteacher from Croatia, who was awarded The Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany: FAZ_Lea Lesar_2019_S.8

Further selections from the publication archive: Croatia 2012-201;Slovenia 2004-2009

Publications: Gerald Hühner:


“Slovenian CLILiG-Robotics Championship”. A future-oriented project to promote German as foreign language, robotics and teamwork published in SCHAUREIN, a practice-oriented journal of Slovenian German Teachers (ISSN 1318-3605, UDK 811), Ausgabe 28/1, Oktober 2021, S. 36-40: CLILiG-ROBOTICS

“Discover Slovenia in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/FAZ” – Text on the exhibition at CID Ptuj, 19.1.2023- 8.2.2023:
German: Einführung
Slovenian: Predstavitev

Publications Monica Hühner

Monica Huehner, Črtomir Rozman and Karmen Pažek (2016). A Case Study on the Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Assess Agri-Environmental Measures of the Rural Development Programme (RDP 2007–2013) in Slovenia, Applications and Theory of Analytic Hierarchy Process – Decision Making for Strategic Decisions, Prof. Fabio De Felice (Ed.), InTech, Available from: rural-development-programme

HUEHNER, Monica (2015): Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process for the assessment of agri-environmental measures of the Rural Development Programme. Univerza v Mariboru (Slovenia), ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2015. 3715296 (Dissertation at the University of Maribor/Slovenia). More information: DISS

ROZMAN Črtomir, HÜHNER Monika, KOLENKO Matej, TOJNKO Stanislav, UNUK Tatjana, PAŽEK Karmen. Apple Variety Assessment with Analytical Hierarchy Process. Erwerbs-Obstbau, 2015, [SPRINGER.COM-ID: DOI 10.1007/s10341-015-0236-8]