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[stm_contact name=”Dr. Monica Hühner” job=”Co-Founderin/Institutsleitung” phone=”+386 70 606 712″ email=”monica.huehner@discimus-lab.com”]
[stm_contact name=”Dr. Gerald Hühner” job=”Projektleiter und leitender Berater für Bildungsarbeit” phone=”+386 70 503 140″ email=”gerald.huehner@discimus-lab.com”]
[stm_contact name=”Matjaž Ferk” job=”Berater, Administration” phone=”+386 40 869 449″ email=”matjaz.ferk@discimus-lab.com”]
[stm_contact name=”Andrej Lončarič” job=”Co-Founder, Digital Tools, Marketing” phone=”+386 70 241 600″ email=”andrej.loncaric@discimus-lab.com”]
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